I'm currently working primarily as a Rails web developer. I work across the stack to build efficient, functionally-sound, and beautiful applications from the ground up. I enjoy taking complex problems and coming up with simple solutions.

I love working on projects that I'm passionate about and that can make a lasting impact.

You can also download my resume.

Where I've Been

Co-founded and developed the Vyrtex platform, while scaling the site to over 5000 users.

Taught Ruby on Rails fundamentals as a Bootcamp Instructor at Anyone Can Learn to Code.

Worked to build the future of non-technical college graduate recruiting at Wrangle.

Taught a month-long intro-level Ruby on Rails course at Angelhack.

Worked as a software engineering consultant for Codecademy.

Interned at Framebase, a YCombinator S12 company in the summer of 2013.

Previously CS@Illinois.