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NASA Picture of the Day
Sets your Chrome new tab page with a stunning new picture every day from NASA's Picture of the Day gallery.

Illini Student Storage
A student-powered startup business that provides a safe and convenient way for students at UIUC to store their belongings over the summer.

A chrome extension to let you quickly navigate to your favorite subreddits from your Chrome omnibox.

Need a resume? Convert your LinkedIn profile into a formatted .docx resume in a single click.

An academically-focused social network designed to allow students to discover and connect with other students on campus to help succeed in their classes.

A simple and effective web-based team/task management application for small companies and fresh startups. Includes complex features such as work delegation, issues, and time tracking.

You can find everything on my Github!


IdeaMarket Idea Prize, TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon - (San Francisco, CA - 2014)

Second Place Finalist, Lincoln Labs/Eventbrite Hackathon - (San Francisco, CA - 2013)

Second Place Finalist, West Monroe Coding Competition - (Champaign, IL - 2013)